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How to leverage Social Media for your business

Times have changed and people have been given a voice through social media. The platforms are used by more and more people everyday that goes and it is more important than ever for companies to be where their customers are. 

If you haven’t realized this then welcome to the social world we are living in today. 

In the past, companies have always had the voice to tell the audience about the quality of their products and services. However, this is no longer the case. Social media is a two-way communication platform and this is something that you should use to your advantage. Mainly for two reasons. In fact this following quote from Jay Baer makes a good point. 

“Social Media changes the relationship between companies and customers from master and servant, to peer to peer.” 

One reason is that social media gives people a voice, which means that you can get feedback from your posts in real time on social media based on the various interactions that exist such as likes, comments and shares. 

Why is this important for you? 

Well, because you know if your marketing goes home with your target audience and in what way. This helps you get answers to questions such as “Is this type of post something my potential customers like?” “Is this new service / product something that would have a successful start?” 

The list goes on… 

With social media you do not have to guess if your marketing is working as you do with for example radio, television and many other traditional marketing platforms.   


Reason number two is at least as important.

“Social proof” is a term that has the same effect as references when a customer weighs between choosing you as a customer. Social proof is something that develops by having many likes and nice comments that make people feel safe with your company. People who see your content on social media get this exact thought in their heads when you have social proof going for you. 

“If all these people have trusted this company and also had good experience with them, then I can trust them too.”

Many entrepreneurs just like you rely a lot on references which is good. Social proof, on the other hand, takes it to another level because there are more people that a potential customer sees as a reference and people that don’t know anyone that has had experience with your business can use your “social proof” as a reference. That takes your reach of new customers to a whole new level.

At the end of the day it all comes down to taking every opportunity. Social media works, the question is whether you know how to leverage and take advantage of the opportunities that are ahead of you.

If you have come this far, I know that you are convinced on how you and your company will take the next steps in your journey.


Ask yourself “What will change if I wait with what I have learned today?”

Implement this information to your business and if you’d like let me help you create loyalty and credibility on your social media while earning money through new leads that come to you every single month. Feel free to book a FREE strategy session today.

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