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Contractor marketing & lead generation

We will help you build your online lead generation machine

Your digital presence is vital to generate online leads that are exclusive to your business. Your online presence starts from your website that acts as a selling platform. Not just a place where people can view which services you provide and thereafter just leave your site. We craft websites and landing pages that are proven to convert visitors to leads for your contracting firm by guiding visitors to take the actions that you want on your website. Which is to contact you!

Your online presence doesn’t start and stop with your website. Your social media is just as important in todays age. At Quickr Marketing we have a deep understanding of making your social media channels generate leads for your business.

No more relying on leads from lead vendors

In the construction industry lead generation is essential and for that reason many lead vendors have built a sustainable business for themselves selling shared leads to several companies that would have to fight to get the job. It is not a sustainable model for your contracting firm in the long run because your brand is not differentiated from your competitors and you are always under the wings of the lead vendors.

If you are buying leads from lead vendors you know the struggle?

And would you not want to generate leads for your own business and not compete with other firms?

How we do it?

1. Market research

First step in our process of every campaign is market research. It is important to understand the landscape of competition and which channels we should focus on to reach your audience for your contracting firm.

2. Traffic generation

To generate exclusive leads for your business the first step we look at is how can we generate traffic. Depending on the competition in the regions you serve we look into driving traffic to your landing page with the use of SEO, paid social ads and ppc ads.

3. Converting landing page

Once new people come from either google or social media they need a compelling website or landing page where you present your offer such as “Get a free estimate”. This is the stage where browsers convert into leads for your business by providing their contact information & answering extra questions you may want to qualify leads.

4. You call & close

Once the lead converts on your landing page or website by filling in a form they get sent into your email inbox or a CRM system of your choice (preferably HubSpot). You can then call the leads and book an inspection if that was the offer.

Your inbox could look like this

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