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5 Tips to Optimize and Get the Most out of Your Landing Pages

If the internet is your way of doing business you have a potentially huge market. The majority of the world’s population is connected to the internet. That’s 4 billion potential customers who could arrive at your website’s landing page.

Your landing page is all about converting website visitors into customers. If it doesn’t achieve this then your sales will be low. Read on to learn the landing page optimization tricks that will boost your conversions.

What’s Wrong with Your Landing Page?

If you want to make money, your landing page should effectively convert visitors into buyers. If it’s not doing that, what’s wrong with it?

It could be that the design is poor. Perhaps the headlines are unengaging. There may be an inconsistency between your advertising content and your landing page content.

The message you want to get through to your customer just isn’t clear. There’s no call to action.

Perhaps, somewhere along the way you’ve forgotten what your landing page is for. It’s not meeting the primary purpose of a landing page.

What’s a Good Conversion Rate?

Conversion rates vary hugely. It’s not always a matter of landing page design so take your conversion rate statistics with a huge pinch of salt.

If you convert more than 4% of visitors from desktop browsers into buyers, you are probably beating the industry average. Mobile phone and tablet browsers are probably lower still.

If your conversion rate is lower than this, don’t assume that it’s about your landing page design. It could be that your product isn’t right. If there’s a quality problem, price issue or it’s not meeting a need or want for customers, no amount of clever landing page design will resolve the problem.

It may also be that your proposition to the customer is wrong. The hook doesn’t excite or interest your potential customer.

When you fix these, then resolve your landing page issues. You should expect to see the conversions increase.

1. Use Data and Facts

Landing page optimization isn’t a matter of opinion. It’s the product of systematic research and analysis. You should start with an understanding of what problems you currently have with your landing page and fixing them using data and research rather than opinions and assumptions.

A heat map can identify where people click on a computer screen. If most clicks are on a relatively unimportant item on your landing page you may have discovered a distraction for visitors. Relocate your most important item, a link to a sales page, there.

You can also get data from confetti maps, scroll maps, list reports, and overlay reports to give you data on which to base your landing page analysis.

There are also best practices for landing page design. Combine these with your research to optimize your landing page.

2. Keep It Simple

Is your landing page confusing to your customers? You might feel like you have lots to say to your customer but too much information has a negative effect. It leads to overload and defeats its own objective.

Make your headlines clear and simple. Avoid cluttering the page with text, images, and distractions. The trick is to boil down your messages to a few simple elements.

Try just having a logo, a navigation button, a brief description, an image that says it all, and a call to action. The call to action should be to the point and obvious. The more you say the less impact it will have.

Statements such as “Buy Now”, “Try for Free”, and “Join Here” are concise and effective. These are CTAs that leave the customer in no doubt. With the right product and proposition, they will motivate customers to convert.

3. Keep It Above the Fold

When newspapers were masters of the media universe, “above the fold” referred to a physical fold in the paper. Anything printed above this point was visible on the newsstand and when the paper was first picked up. This is still the primary position for the top news headline that grabs attention and sells the paper.

It is also the most valuable advertising space. “Above the fold” adverts were likely to be seen by most readers and potential customers. This space costs advertisers more money for that very reason.

When a potential customer arrives on your landing page, the visible part of the screen is “above the fold”. It’s the part of the landing page than can be seen without scrolling. For this reason, it’s the most valuable part of your landing page.

Make sure your key messages and your call to action are above the fold. Expecting your potential customer search for your call to action is creating an obstacle to conversion. Keep it above the fold, immediately accessible, and very obvious.

4. Keep in Contact

Converting a visitor into a buying customer might need a little help. Perhaps your customer has a question or a particular need. If they need to contact you, make it easy for them.

A link to a call center, your email address, or a contact form makes it easy for the customer. It also provides you with an opportunity to engage with them. Follow up and you may find you are talking to a customer who is only too willing to buy.

5. Keep on Brand

Your landing page visitors will be reassured by a consistent visual message. Keep your branding consistent between your social media and landing page and what brought them to the landing page is more likely to support conversion into buying customers.

Different colors, fonts, and messaging in different parts of your customer communication can subtly confuse and disorientate them. Confusion undermines conversion.

Landing Page Optimization and Conversion

Landing page optimization and conversion of visitors into buyers is vital to online business success. Follow these guidelines and begin to measure the results. Keep analyzing the data and making changes to make it easy for customers to convert.

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